Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday is Quilting

I’m finding that the second day following chemo is my hardest day. Last week I slept through Wednesday. Today, I made it to quilting! I didn’t do too much work, but at least I got there! It was so great to see the ladies; it felt like a great big hug! I make it to quilting only about twice a year, but these ladies make me feel so loved and welcome.
When I got home, I had the best potato soup ala Niece Tanya, and then took a nap. It was a long nap with weird dreams. And now I’m rambling, so it must be bedtime! What a life?


Cynthia said...

Hi Sue~

You've really accomplished a lot the last few days.

I'll pray for you to be mellow and relaxed during the MRI. I'm so pleased that you made it to quilting and know the ladies were very happy to see you too.

Thank you for continuing to keep us posted--we all care very much.

Great choice for dinner, thank you Tanya --potato soup...wonderful.

Glad you're going to be getting a good night's sleep--it's all part of the plan.

Best of luck tomorrow.



David MacLeod said...

I'll try this again, my last comment didn't seem to go through. You, George and the girls are in our prayers! I have added you to the list for the prayer circle at my church here in Silver Spring,Md. Hang in there.

Love cousin Dave, Debra, Adam and Ben