Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank God it's Friday

Friday is a good day. During a visit from NPT Jennifer, we figured that some coughing would be good to loosen up my chest. Some coughing would not warrant being knocked out. I did take a morning nap though. Do they allow those at school? I think I need two per day. What do you think, admin team at Pinedale, is that ok? This question may impact my ability to return to work, humph.

Dad & I had a nice breakfast together -oatmeal, raisins, brown sugar. I was trying to fill in the shopping list and discovered that I can't think of a darn thing! Now, what are those little round oat things (no, not puffs) that float and they're good for you...and moms like them....Cheerios! I wrote it down. We agreed that life these days was a lot like playing that game where you count the letters, but don't talk, and stretch it out, and pantomime and... what is that game??? No not scattergories, how about Charades! That's it! I may still be smarter than a 5th grader, but I'm definitely not speedier.

The Blodgetts brought by some beautiful blue hydrangeas in a pot. I watched more humming birds out the back glass door. Guess feeding them was a good idea! Watering the potted Hydrangeas was a good idea too. I can take care of these guys! If you feel you must send a potted plant: hydrangeas and violets are good! (silly me for asking - I'm becoming blunt - oh yeah, I already was that.)

Jennifer L., Kristen, Allison, & Hollie and Jessica are awesome! They entered my grades, graded my idiom books, and are entering my grades into my electronic gradebook. Even some students helped out! I am so relieved! They also already took care of my student assignments for next year. What a great group. Just goes to show that no one is really irreplaceable. Good people step in to help. I think of a study at church I took - David & Jonathon. The point was: God wants us to have close friends who will do anything for each other. I am finding that my friends are willing to do anything for me (Debbie F. RN said she was willing to give me the pain medication as a suppository, but I opted for a pill under the toungue.) I am learning what it is like to accept (help, food, advice, gifts, time, etc) from others and still figuring how to be gracious. The act of give and take heaps blessings on both sides!
Thank you for your on going prayers. If I wasn't sick, this would be fun. But then we'd all be working too hard and wouldn'd be getting our paying jobs done. OK, everybody! It's nap time, go take a nap!
PS - Prayer Support - Please pray that Saturday (the second day, goes better than the last "second day." We're trying to figure out my pattern. Thanks!


Cynthia said...

Hi Susie~

I'll pray for you to have a better second day. An FYI to add to your arsenal of information, there were news releases today that say that Ginger relieves the nausea that comes with Chemo should that be a factor for you.

I'm so glad you got to visit with your Dad--I know he was happy to see you too.

I think our girls, Jess, Val, and Jen are buckling under the end-of-year write all their papers, study for their finals stress. Hang in there girls...this too shall pass. They should be buying stock in Starbucks for how much time they spend there. AND Jess is doubling up with schools, AND Val you're working too? Jess has her Bachelor's right there on the horizon. LUCKY!! (A little, o.k. maybe a lot of, hard work went into getting it.)

The best of luck for tomorrow--two naps is just what the doctor ordered, maybe a good chick flick, also a little hummingbird-watching. Love you lots ~Cyndi

Janice Porter said...

Hi Susie!
Bruce and I play the game "Finish the end of my sentence" and we are getting pretty good at it! Our problem is age! We continue to pray for you! Love, Janice