Monday, May 11, 2009

Here We Go

Monday, May 11 First Chemo treatment. George dropped me off. Deb met me as my designated nurse, scribe, and friend. The pain in my back was the most severe to date - I felt lousy. We waited for the doctor in an exam room - Deb dimmed the lights and tucked my blanket around me. I felt so crummy that I called in to school to take Tuesday and Wednesday off, too. When the doctor arrived she answered all my questions. She says I'm probably at stage 3 (I don't really know what that means, but somebody asked me). My kidneys are in good shape, by heart is good. I don't need more blood transfusions; they will give me procrit to increase blood production.
So, I had Demerol in my iv drip - that was good, but I couldn't do anything that required thinking, so I rested. Deb went to get lunch and pick up my medications at the pharmacy (She was super!) Pretty soon Patti, Laurel, & Jennifer from work marched in. So I'm in a room with about 12 other patients and these friends bring this HUGE basket of goodies and a Huge bag with Lena's green afghan. I wonder if the regulars could tell who the new patient was? Having these three live-wires (and the Demerol) made me feel much better. They brought me out of my funk, and I really started to feel much better.
The good things that happened today: Deb was my "personal assistant." My Pinedale colleagues are the best! Lena knit me a really big green afghan that will stretch and wrap all around me. I love the gift basket ( cursive book, word search, saltines, magazines (wide variety: quilting –Cosmo) and so much more, Dinner from Anna & Patti, Phone calls, so many friends offering up prayers. I feel very well taken care of. I am truly blessed!


JHNickodemus said...

You DO have fabulous friends and LOTS of people praying for you! Thanks for the full update!

Lisa said...

praying for the entire Harper family.

The Alveys

Neola said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you are being so well cared for by friends and family. I think it is a good thing you took a couple of days to rest away from school and kids. You are in our prayers.

Janice Porter said...

Hi- Janice Porter here from Kansas! Remember me from North Fresno Church? I keep track of your creative daughter through her blog. And now you! I taught science today and we studied all about cancer research, so I thought it interesting that I find out about you! Please add me to your prayer supporters. God walks with you! Janice

Anonymous said...

Just remember what I said: People do extraordinary things for people who are extraordinary. You paid it forward and now you're getting it back. Life is good that way!! You've been an awesome friend to a lot of people so sit back bask in the love! Deb Friesen

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Of course the only way for me to do this and find you was with your help. hehehe

Cynthia said...

Hi Susie~

Wow! It was neat that you shared about your day yesterday, and especially nice to hear some good things about Chemo: Day 1. You do have wonderful friends.

Great picture of you and George.

Love, Cyndi

Anonymous said...

You are a great friend that is why we are taking care of you! You would do the same for us. Nice to see you are concentrating on yourself and leaving the rest behind. Take care of you and see you when you get back!!!!

Love your favortie 5th grade partner!!

Kathryn said...

Being able to follow this blog will help us all be able to pray for you in a clear way. Thank you for being open and honest.
You are loved by many!
Kathryn DiPalma