Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Continued

I had a lot to say today before I went and got all emotional on us. The doctor says I look good. We still have some concern about the pain I feel when I cough – sooooo… cough syrup with codeine and throat lozenges. I’m all set for the MRI a week from Wednesday. Debbie RN had the good sense to ask about my HGB: Last week was 9.4; this week is 10.0, the medical people seemed to think that was good. I’ll take it!
The treatment went well, meaning I wasn’t wiped out. Cindy was a good friend – we talked some, she worked some, I dozed some, she found the snack basket for me! We sat in the “clinic.” We think it should be called “The Atrium”, because it has one and is very nice. We found one treatment room that we called “The Den” because it had a tv and two older guys hanging out in it (actually their IVs were hanging, yuk, yuk). We plan to work on this whole "theme room concept."
At home I took a nap. Dinner arrived in style: Tomato Basil Bisque ala chef Nathan, Caesar Salad, rolled sandwiches and to top it all off (drum roll here) Banana Split Ice Cream from the carton. Thank you all. If food will make me healthy, I will have a clear bill of health in no time!


Cynthia said...

Dear Susie~

I loved your blog message from today!

It was nice to hear good news from the doctor, and to know that you had a good friend who hung with you today. And nice to read that you enjoyed a good dinner; I thought about coming down for some myself.

It was fun to see everyone yesterday. Thank you so much for coming by to say hi to us. Such a large group as we are (and boisterous) can be overwhelming under the best of circumstances.

I'll pray for your cough to get under control so that you don't have to feel so jolted. I'll pray that you have good first and second days.

Thank goodness for the healing power of naps. When you nap you're setting aside time for your body to work on making repairs. At least this is what my cats (who sleep 20 hours a day) tell me.

Many positive thoughts and much love is sent to you from Sactown. ~Cyndi

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,
I just had a call from my mom. She'd called your dad after hearing from Aunt Polly. At any rate, I'd been thinking about you of late and thinking I needed to be see how you were doing. Didn't know anything was wrong, so it must be the Spirit reaching out. You and George & the girls are in my thoughts & prayers before God.
+love to you,
Bruce (the long lost cousin, in case you've forgotten

Neola said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers this past weekend. Will continue to pray for the cough and pain. I have sent prayer requests to family members and you have been added to several prayer chains around the northwest.
Mark and I got back to Colorado on Monday evening after taking an extra day in the Boise area to rest because Mark was so wiped from finishing school, packing, moving his and Luke's stuff into storage for the summer. Got to hang out with Luke for awhile. Also special to watch my niece Amelia graduate from U of Idaho and spend time with my brother and his family.
Hugs to you all.

Janice Porter said...

Susan, love your rambling thoughts! I was wondering if they have a "quilt room"? If they don't, maybe all of your quilter friends should do something about that.
I continue to pray for you! Janice

Susan said...

Cyndi - thanks for the bird feeder. I saw it hanging (thanks to Luke) and couldn't remember when I'd put it there. (Must be the drugs)
Long lost Bruce (favorite same age cousin) would you please pick up the phone & call? 559-259-2572
Janice - Quilt room at the Chemo clinic - great theme idea! I'll get right on it!

runningcoach said...

Hey Sue!
You hang in there girl! You're a tough cookie with such a positive attitude!
The mind is always churning, seeing possibilities, finding new things to share, coming up with things to teach the kids at school. I see that in your blog!
Keep up the positive attitude!
We just learned of your trials, and we're praying for you.
Know that we, too, are pulling for you.
Love ya - cousin Rod