Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking Inventory

Taking off Tuesday and Wednesday was the right thing to do. I needed today to “take inventory” of what’s going on and see how I’m feeling. I wanted to eat right and get organized. While I was eating at the kitchen table, I noticed several humming birds check out the feeder. The feeder has been empty since January. I took a bold step forward, cleaned it out and re-filled it! I answered some phone calls, cleaned half a window, and sent out a greeting card (my goal).
All in all, a pretty normal day except that I stayed in my pajamas until after my 1:30 nap! I had my hair cut by Becky. Isn’t it amazing the way hairdressers become such close friends? She has her own health issues – we know so much about each other that we just talked non–stop! After getting back home I had a visit from Deb B. who is just finishing up her treatment for breast cancer. We compared notes, but mostly we talked abut the lessons we’ve learned and the many blessings we have because we are members of a great church with a super church family.
Again, I have to say that the contact I have with people help me be positive. I confess that in personality tests I usually stand out as an introvert. I’d rather read than get on the phone, I’m not really good at hugs and saying “I love you.” (Please be gentle with my true confessions here.) This may be the lesson God is teacher me: Get over it with the introvert thing! I need my friends. I can’t tell you how good the endorphins are for my well being. The pain and trouble just about disappear when I hear from my friends and family. Whether it’s a phone call, text message, blog comment I feel so blessed. The sweetest words are, “I’m praying for you and your family.” Thanks – I love you!


The Luedtke Family said...

I believe that someday God will share and show us just how many people we have touched in our lives, and how many people uplifted us. We cannot fathom the arms of God and we cannot know how many people are on our side - helping us, thinking about us and praying for us. All of that support without our full realization, it's enough to keep going and stay positive every single day!

(Cindy's niece)

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Talking to you gives me happiness too. I am glad that you took some time just for you, that is important. You, your health, and your family are the things that need to matter now. Thanks for calling me back, yesterday too, I had a rough day, but talking to you made that sadness go away. In many ways we all help eachother. Stay strong! Luv U!


Cynthia said...

Hi Susie~

Glad you took these two days off to stop and ....feed the hummingbirds. We have been feeding birds since last fall. We now have multiple generations of birds that we're feeding--we have made them co-dependent! But they give us tremendous joy to watch them every morning before we go to work. George (the dog) will roust himself up a couple of times a day to chase them away. They're really not one bit scared of him.
Hope today is going well for you too. Love, Cyndi

janice Porter said...

Susie, You would enjoy the pairs of cardinals we see in Kansas! A school kid told me the other day that "cardinals stay married their whole life"! I'll look that up. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts! Some of need to get off our pity parties and focus on the blessings too! Love, Janice

Susan said...

This is Susan. I haven't yet figured out how to reply to you really cool people! Becky L., I love what you wrote I copied (by computer - who does that by hand anymore? I' putting it in my inspiiration binder.
To Janice Porter - I love your kids & grandkids! I'm sure I can link through them to you. Yes, I remember you & Bruce.