Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tuesday was a productive day. I accessed my school e-mail and cleared a lot of business out of my in-box. I responded to several people and gave them my blog address. Boy, was I being efficient. That evening I realized I had given all those folks the wrong address. Bummer – Even when I think I have a clear mind – it isn’t!
I did pre-register for my MRI which will happen Tuesday, May 26. The nurse who took the info over the phone said I am taking so many meds that they may decide not to sedate me for the procedure. As I’m a little nervous about the whole claustrophobia thing, I’d appreciate prayer regarding the MRI and that I will be calm.
We finally checked our street mail box – it had been nearly a week. I was overwhelmed by the number of cards bringing greetings and well-wishes. Thank you everyone for those. Also delivered was a devotional dropped off by our Pastor, James. It’s called Praying Through CANCER, Set Your Heart Free from Fear. Here’s the cool part, it has an entry called “MRI: Mini Roll Insertion.” It directly addressed my MRI fears – how cool is that?
Jessica gave me a shot of Demerol at bedtime. She did a great job, I didn’t feel a thing!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you slept through the MRI! You sound great and I am happy to hear your HCT is creeping UP. I do believe that is a good sign! J.L.