Friday, May 15, 2009

Lotsa Helping Hands

Since my mom was diagnosed we have heard a lot of the question: "Is there anything I can do?" and we have had a lot of great assistance with meals, and getting my mom to and from appointments, even getting perscription. This has been a great blessing, but we have also at times had more food than we could handle. As suggested by the book How Can I Help?: Everyday Ways to Help Loved Ones Live With Cancer I created a calendar at Lotsa Helping Hands. The website allows me to invite people by email and they can, in turn access the calendar, view any form of need whether it is shoping for a simple item, or getting Mom to an appointment. I have added several itemsallready and if this seems like it will work, let me know and I will continue to use it. To be added to the Lotsa Helping Hands community I created, email me ( ) and I'll send you an invitation. My computer is on the fritz so I don't have all my email addresses at the moment.

*Update: Mom was pretty with it this morning. She kind had so congestion and it hurts her when she coughs. She says she primarily experiences pain when she coughs. She doesn't like seeming so out of the loop when she is medicated, and is having a hard time "letting go of school." She really wants to be there. We had a good visit with Grandpa and he left this morning. It was good to have food to share while "entertaining." Dotty brougt over a "Guest book" quilt. If you happen to be stopping by, be sure to sign it with the pens on the quilt. She may not remember to ask you but it will be good for her to have.


Unknown said...

Hi to all of you! I just found your blog with help from Dorris. I wish I could be there to help you. Sue, when I was in town last month, Mom told me that you were "the daughter" taking care of her. You have been wonderful to Mom. Thank you so much. You are very much in my thoughts, as are George, Jess and Val. Love to you all from Idaho.-Grace

JUAN RUIZ said...

Hello Mrs.Harper how are you feeling today, We are hoping your good me and my Family are praying for you and we wish you the best of luck.

Janice Porter said...

Jessica, I am taking notes! I have opportunities to help others and you are giving practical ideas! Prayers go out to your mom and all her helpers. Love, Janice