Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I had my first MRI today. I thought I might be claustrophobic, so my plan was to take a nap during the procedure. After I got all checked in, and the nurse said I was good to go, I took a few of my handy meds and settled in for an afternoon nap. Jessie’s shoulder was a great pillow while we were waiting. Then I finally got to meet the big machine. I laid down on the bed, asked for classical music, and took a nap. My friend, Sue G., recommended keeping my eyes shut so I don’t feel the closeness of the tube. That worked and the whole procedure was quite painless. Jess & I got drive-thru burgers and shakes on the way home. After lunch, I finished my nap. Mission accomplished!
Many thanks to Karen & Max for dinner tonight - Minestrone soup with all the sides - yum! Max brought his home canned applesauce and it is HEAVENLY! I mean it, this applesauce is tops. Samples to anyone who shows up tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sue: Good to see you were able to get to Huntington over the weekend and enjoy that beautiful place. So, the MRI wasn't so bad. Closing one's eyes is a great idea. And Jessica and Luke are engaged. Wow! Talk to you soon. Lots of love, Aunt Audrie

Cynthia said...

Hi Sue~

Wow, it's been an eventful few days for you guys. I'm so glad Huntington Lake provided such lovely weather for a change on Memorial Day weekend. It often seems like the past several years you couldn't even get in because there was still heavy snow on the roads.

Dang, you guys all caught a lot of trout.

I'm so glad that you got to rest, and I'm guessing the pollen mostly left you alone.

Wow again! Jessica and Luke formally made the commitment. What a wonderful couple. Good, good, good. I saw the pictures of some of his completed "honey-do" projects on Jessica's blog. What a very nice thing for him to do last week.

I'm glad the MRI experience was not as scary as you thought it might be.

I think this is your week of rest from chemo...?

What wonderful friends you have that are providing you with such sumptuous, nutritious, and delicious foods. I wish I was close enough to come sample the homemade Applesauce, it's just the best comfort food.

We love you very much and are thinking of you often up here in Riceville.


Janice Porter said...

Congratulations on the engagement of your daughter! She's a neat woman! There is an example on the previous blog of my brain deficiency- leaving out the word "good". Oh well! Janice