Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Life B.C.

This winter, I found that my colds were lasting longer, coughs were lasting longer, and when I coughed, I had a sharp pain in my lower back. A few weeks following the last cold, I developed a persistant pain in my hips and lower back. I thought it was nerve problems, I visited my favorite massage therapist (Annie), I stretched, I exercised to no avail. Finally I had my annual exam on April 28, they took blood and my cholestoral was abnormally low. My doctor called me personally that night. (Note to friends: When your doctor calls you in person, at night, it's not usually good. Especially if she's getting you in to see a Hemotology Oncology Specialist immediately.)
The appointment was at 8:30AM Thursday 4/30, we talked, THEN she wanted a bone marrow biopsy. After calling people to pick me up, we next headed to St. Agnes Hospital for a blood transfusion (I was only 1/2 full.) I got home after seven o'clock PM.

Monday May 4: X-rays of all my bones

Thursday May 7:
I had a follow up appointment 1:00 PM .
11:00 am that day the doctor (herself) calls to find out if I would like to come in a little earlier.(Note to friends: another personal phone call from the doctor.) I declined because I was headed to lunch with my girlfriends and that was IMPORTANT!
After lunch I met George and we went in for my appointment.
The doctor told me that I have Multiple Myeloma and filled me in with about as much as I could handle that day. George was very good at taking notes and asking all the right questions for me.
She did tell me that I will be having IV chemotherapy treatments on Mondays and Thursdays for two weeks and then one week off. This cycle will repeat 3 more times and then we'll see.

More updates to come after the first round of chemo tomorrow, and a full nights sleep. The updates will be coming from either myself or my daughter Jessica.


Annamarie said...

I am impressed with you blog. It is the first one I have been on. Keep it up and take care. annamarie

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Susan! I am thinking about you and praying for you CONSTANTLY! How are you coming along on your cursive assignments????? I will be over to check on them when we bring over dinner on Friday!! I sure hope you earn a happy face =-) Remember that I love you and am here for you! xoxox, Patti

nesgis family said...

Hi Susan it's your neighbor Lisa, Tyler just told me about you. I'm really sorry to hear that. I can only imagine what you and your family are going through. My mom had a lympetcomy 2years ago and last year diagnosied with uterus and was doing fine until recently. Now probably going back to Kemo meet with the dr. Thurs. so if you need anything please don't hesitate to call. Nesgis Family

Susan said...

you were at the clinic on Thursday

LoriGarcia said...

Hi Susan, It's Lori Garcia. I left you a lengthy message yesterday (Friday). Did you get it? All this tech stuff is new to me. Maybe I sent the email to someone else. Rats. I've got to run, taking Elise to get a bathing suit. TTUL

Brenda B. said...

Hi Mrs. Harper. It's the Brito Family. We are all so proud to hear that you are taking this news so positively. This makes us have even more respect for you than we had before. You are such an incredible woman. You are in all of our hearts and prayers. You are so strong and optimistic. It was such a great experience working for you and just knowing you.I think that anybody who comes across you is very fortunate.We all learned so much from you. You taught us responsibility, leadership, and you led us to know some things that are going to be needed in the real outside world. We remember you constantly, because with you we learned and realized more than before, that we need to work hard in school, because that is our future. You once told us that you hoped to see us one day on TV or in the newspaper saying something great about us, and we are going to persuit that to make that happen. We are doing well here. I am a lector in our church and we have joined the chorus, and I am looking into being a volunteer at Kaiser Permanente. Remember you will always be in our prayers and that we love you.
Love, The Brito Family