Monday, May 18, 2009

Picking Sweet Peas on Monday While Everyone Else Sleeps.

Today – good!!! I wake up several times in the morning. This morning – 3:00 take my thyroid medicine. I notice that my head feels a little clearer – this is good. I have a funny sore spot in my throat , so I make some weak tea. I write some thank you notes. This is a great thing to do because I get to think of the giver and the special gift all over again. I decide to take a nap. A nap at 4am? Well, I am on sort of an infantile schedule. Wake up again – get the paper, another cup of tea. Check out my feelings – still alert, some pain when I walk – evenly across my hips – what do you know?
It’s warm outside, but overcast this morning. My sweet-peas are beginning to bite the dust (are you smarter than a 5th grader?) I pick some sweet peas and leave the bouquet on my porch for Cindy (Beware of allergic people who live here). Wow! Good morning world)
Unexpectedly saw friends at the St. Agnes Oncology Clinic. They have positive things to say about their treatment. This is the part I love best, “Come on down to our house if you want to talk about things.
I think I’ll take you up on that, I would love to talk about things… Like I wish I had supported you during your illness….And how welcome your parents made me feel when I was in college, and how your mom taught be to quilt and gave me her recipe for Mennonite peppernut cookies... I think I would like come on down and talk about things.
OK I’m feeling a little sentimental here. I better take a break.
God blesses us through the good people he puts in our lives.


LoriGarcia said...

Hi Susan, I'm glad to see your spirits high. It's amazing that you've but together a blog, and here I just managed to finish my progress reports! You're an inspiration. BTW, it's okay to get sentimental. It's not a sign of weakness. Rather, it's a way for us to get in touch with our feelings and show appreciation for those we love = ) Jennifer relayed the message that you've rec my comments. Good, cause I was about to donate my laptop to charity. What kind of tea do you like? I love tea. Are your friends from St. Agnes former parishioners? Speaking of "coming down to talk", did I ever tell you that as an educator, you've made an tremendous impact on my kids? Just today Aaron told me his teachers comments on his writing. Do you remember all the writing projects you'd give him? I do. lol. You're remarkable woman and teacher Susun! Did you mark your calendar for the big walk in November? Autumn is my favorite season of the year. TTUL = ) I haven't heard anything from Valerie. Does she has a blog as well?

Susan said...

Lori - you are awesome & you have done a great job of encouraging me. I have always felt supported by you and your family. I know that George has the big walk/run on our calendar. Valerie studies all the time and is working on good grades and getting into law school &/or grad school. She works for George in the "family business." Thanks for your comments

JUAN RUIZ said...

Me and my family read your blog today and we are glad you feel better every day.Thank you for the card.