Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update From Jess

Saturday, the 2nd day after chemo, went better this time. Mom was more ready for it, and therefore willingly rested. She kept up on her fluids and when she got sick of bed/the bedroom, she moved to the living room couch. I put on the movie 21 which she had started B.C. and wanted to finish. In the afternoon she finally decided she was ready for some pain meds which I was able to inject for her by myself (under the supervision of Nurse Practitioner Jennifer.)
Sunday (today) is the only third day after chemo she gets a week. She was able to make it to the first service at church and that made her really happy. I think its hard to be home for such a long chunk of time. I could understand going a little stir crazy!She rested, then visited with her teaching partner Jennifer L. and John (Jennifer's son). John helped me finish a book I was working on. Later today mom made it over to a family gathering Aunt Maggie was hosting. Cindy W. was thankfully available to bring mom over late and take her home early so it didn't wear her out too much! She's resting now and hopefully will be for the night. Tomorrow is a chemo day.
PS-Prayer Support- Please pray that her coughing will subside. While it doesn't seem to be that noticeable to us, it hurts her a lot to have any little cough because it kind of jolts her body.


Deb Friesen said...

Thanks for the update, Jess!! Good news about getting to church.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping all of us updated and thanks for the Helping Hands site! I am registered and here to help. Your mom is, as always, in my prayers =-) I'm here for all of you, for anything you may need.

Anonymous said...

Duh....I guess I shouldn't try to leave comments while giving instructions to my class... that last post was from ME... Patti Moore!

Tell your mom I said that at least she has an excuse for being "out of it" - What's my excuse??? Can I say it's "sympathy-out-of-it-ness" like husbands always say they have sympathy weight gain for their pregnant wives???