Friday, May 22, 2009

Thrush is for Newborns...

and apparently adults undergoing chemo! When I woke up this morning I was pulling flecks of lint out of my mouth. I just want to say that I practice good dental hygiene, and I did brush my teeth last night. I went to the bathroom mirror and looked in…. oh my gosh – it looked like a flannel blanket in there! My tongue, gums, cheeks…well, you get the picture and it isn’t pretty. I made a frantic call to my chemo expert, Jennifer L., who confirmed that it does happen. After a massive brushing job I feel a little more human. My tongue is sensitive though, I guess that’s what that was all about. Also I have a sore throat and am on antibiotics – remember the long clinic visit yesterday – well worth it in retrospect.
I did find pollen face filters – apparently the swine flu has caused the “oh, so attractive facial accessory” to be in short supply. Were headed to the mountains shortly.


Anonymous said...


It stinks how the busy-ness of life gets in the way of staying in touch. Electronic communication is an amazing development (I'm always intrigued and try to be on the lead team) and has ironically been a great means of connecting with long lost adored people - like you! I've spent the last 4 months looking for work after two lay-offs in one year. Just finished my 2nd week at my new job. Yah! However, I spent wayyyy too much time connecting and re-connecting with people, but it was good medicine.

In the midst of the new job and the busy family time (teenagers, you know), I was heavy laden with thoughts of Uncle Bill and of you. Every free moment I've been thanking God that I have relatives I respect and like but saddened by their (your) suffering. The most unfortunate part is the distance that keeps us apart. I've always wished we lived closer - afterall, you're my only female cousin!

Amazing how perspectives can change so quickly with illness, isn't it? I'm so sorry that you're suffering but pleased that you have realized how to reach out to others and accept their help and love.

I have had the small decorative pillow/ornament hanging on my lamp ever since that wonderful family reunion at our house. One of my favorite moments with kids was having dinner with you, George and the girls and their politeness and gratitude around food and eating. I think of you every time I turn on that lamp.

Hopefully I'll get in a rhythm of my new job and will have more time to catch up with you more consistently. You're in my prayers! May smiles and laughter pass your way frequently and take away your pain.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sue,
I hope you have an awesome time at Huntington this weekend! Steven and I used to have the best time camping when we were kids with you and Uncle George and I don't think we ever thanked you enough for introducing us to Keola and for the other camping outside of Keola. It was the best! I still miss Keola and wish I wasn't so far away from it all out here in Vegas. Actually wish I wasn't so far away from everyone. I feel so out of touch with the family. But I think about you guys all the time and wonder how everyone is. Your girls are amazing! I feel really lucky that I've had the opportunity to see them a few times passing through here and I hope I get to see them again soon. They are so smart (like their parents!), so compassionate, and humble but confident all in one. I can't believe how quick they grew up! I remember watching them when I was a kid...seeing them run around Camp in diapers. Now they're young ladies! Well, Have fun, wear bug repellent! I'll be thinking about you and I miss you all!
Jacquie B

Janice Porter said...

I am praying for you all to have a good time this weekend. Love, Janice

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Bill and I were going to pop over this weekend, but we're happy to hear you're doing well enough to go to the mountains. You'll have a great time, and Huntington is so beautiful. We'll call first, then stop by soon.
Wishing you well. Hi to the family.

LoriGarcia said...

Hello Susan,

Hope you and George enjoyed your weekend at the lake. I played "catch up" this weekend. You know how it is with kids. I'm "on" constantly. I said a special prayer for you tonight my friend. As always, you're in my thoughts.


Pam Pflepsen said...

Hey Susan - Laurel shared your blog with me and I'm so glad. I know things are tough (I'm sure that is a huge understatement) but I am so glad that you have the opportunity to fight. When cancer touched our family this year, my mom was never given the opportunity that you have to kick this thing in the butt. It has got to be so hard on you and your family, but I thank God everyday that you have the opportunity to fight. I'm thinking about you a lot and I am so glad that I can keep up with your progress. You are one of the strongest people I know and your perserverance is awesome! Keep up the good fight I'll be reading about it!



Anonymous said...


You lifted my spirits tonight. I have been feeling blue...... Thanks for calling and keeping in touch, it seems like forever when I was able to let go and relax for 10 minutes. Thanks again and you are always in my prayers!!!!

See you Friday! J.L.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you Jess! I am happy for you! The kids said they want an invitation to the special event!!!! I was trying to get to your blog, but I can find the address!!!!! Happy graduation too! J.L.