Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Chemo treatment 9 (6 to go) it took 4 tries to get a good IV going. Three different nurses tried, one of the tries left a big swollen bruise. At the end of the treatment, Nurse Toni discussed my getting a port inserted. Jessica had heard of it before and was all for it. Toni put in a request to the doctor, it was approved and set up for today at the hospital.
Bright and early this morning, Debbie took me to St. Agnes Hospital for the outpatient surgery. I took a refreshing nap and I woke up with a port installed below my right collar bone. Now my IVs and blood draws will be taken from this little two door spot without stressing out my hand veins. The port can last a year. I recommend getting a port to people starting out on Chemo therapy, I wish I’d done it weeks ago. This link will tell you about the mediport:


The Luedtke Family said...

The port makes life so much less prickly. Glad to hear you now have one. They do last quite awhile!

runningcoach said...

Think of you every day and we're keeping you in our prayers. Good to hear that things are coming along!
Love ya-

Anonymous said...

Susan, I've been checking your blog often - thanks for your openness and your honesty. I like to keep a respectful distance and it's nice to be able to keep abreast without bothering you!
Found your comments about the port interesting, because our son, who is an RN, works at Community Hospital in Interventional Radiology, and he assists when they install those things. He has described them to me, but I found the article in your link helpful.
You are on my mind daily. God bless! - Lotti D

peggie said...

Hi Susan,
I typed out this very long blog to you yesterday but it would not post. You have done and excellent job with your blog. I'm glad we are in this together. "Twins" run in my family, and I finally got one. You are very upbeat and positive and I agree that having someone else in the same boat makes it seem a little more real and a lot more bearable. It's great that are treatments are working parallell to each other. It seems that our numbers keep dropping and our long-term plans are the same. Just think, in a few months we're gonna be as good as new, and then we can put all this behind us for awhile. So, how does the port feel? I have slept now for 2 days straight. Yesterday felt like I had lead weights around my arms and legs and today feels like I took a ton of sleeping pills. Anyway, tomorrow is the 4th, so with all the sleep I've had, I will be well rested. Enjoy your weekend and your week off. Let me konw when the next support group is meeting. Thanks, your "twin", Peggie