Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today’s therapy at the clinic really was fast-track! Maggie and I were really impressed. The nurses are so efficient. We were in at 9 and out by 11:30. Of course, I’m not getting the Demerol IV any more, so that speeds things up. Also I had no bloodwork or doctor visit.
Maggie took me on some of my errands including picking up a prescription and groceries and I was home by 1:00. Wow!
School is going really well (for me – I’m not even there!). My sub is great. She entered all her own grades. My grade partner Jennifer is the best. She helped Bria gather all my grading information and helped us with the print outs. Bria and I were just talking over the phone and printed up other reports and made sure I have everything I need. Jennifer is dropping everything off at my house. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll fill out the report cards. Done!
Even though the chemo makes me dizzy and feel weird, it is so nice to have a semi-clear mind! I am feeling grateful for many blessings!


Deb Friesen said...

Only 2 1/2 hours? Are you sure you're getting your money's worth?? (ha ha ha).

Neola said...

I'm sure it will feel good to have the school thing finished for the year. It was great to talk to you the other evening. Looking forward to meeting you!

juan ruiz said...

How are you doing this afternoon.You are ver cool and nice. -THE RUIZ FAMILY

Susan said...

Thanks for commenting. It makes me very happy to see your comment. The strawberry plant is doing great. I planted it in the flower strip near my front door. I hope you'll help out with the Plant Fanatics at Pinedale next year, even though you'll be in Junior High. Good to hear from you!