Monday, June 22, 2009

Over the Hump

Today was the first treatment of the second half of my chemo therapy plan. That means 6 weeks down, 6 weeks to go. Today I've had 9 treatments and have 7 to go. My doctor says my blood numbers look good. My shingles have "cleared," but I still have the lingering pain. Doctor says to up my pain meds to manage that pain. We discussed the upcoming (7/14) visit with Doctor Wolf at UCSF and she assured me that he is tops in his field. "He writes the research papers that other doctors read," is what my doctor says. Another doctor, who is visiting Lakeview Cottages this week, confirmed that the work happening at UCSF is cutting edge. I feel good about that vote of confidence.

My friend, Jullie, who works at the High Sierra Ranger Station on Kaiser Ridge, took me to Fresno for my treatment today. We left Huntington Lake at 9 am and had a great drive to the clinic. Debbie met us there for the Dr. visit, and Jullie ran errands. I learned that I can get my treatments in the roomy "atrium clinic" even when I have doctor visits. Really this "atrium clinic" is kinda like a spa atmosphere. I wonder if I could get a pedicure while I "drip?"

Jullie brought us Costco berry, frozen yogurt parfaits for lunch - my favorite. Jessica stopped by for a visit too. Everyone is so friendly at the clinic, I have to admit that I enjoy my chemo days. That's kinda wierd, I know. When you consider that two out of three weeks are chemo weeks, chemo becomes "normal."

The drive back to Huntington Lake (1.5 hours) was full of girl talk and catching up with Jullie. I felt fine. Back at Lakeview I read my book in the sunshine and visited with some of our guests. My body feels a little shakey, but my mind is energized. Art came down the hill from Camp Keola and visited a little. I've made plans for tomorrow to go up to Keola to visit and to take my kayak out for a spin. We'll see if I'm up to following through on those plans tomorrow!

I continue to be amazed at my blessings (they are too many to count)! God is good. He has blessed me and my family with good friends, good family, a beautiful place to live, good people all around. Thank you to all who are praying. When I talk to you, I become aware of your needs and you become part of my prayer list. All these prayers make an intricate, beautiful web. I imagine that God is pleased with the network we form!


Janice Porter said...

Yes, God is definitely pleased with the networking! Hey, I had a memory of Camp Keola. Did you teach us how to make paper? If so, remind me how. Prayers and blessings! Janice

Tanya said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are over the hump and that you are enjoying your chemo days...really, who wouldn't enjoy a spa like atmosphere in which all your friends come to visit and bring yummy treats like parfaits? It's also great that you are able to bask in the sun like a lizard at Lakeview with a book!