Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monday Doctor Visit

Today is the start of round two of 4 rounds. After a week off Chemo therape, I start over again. We met with Dr. Garley first. Remember that IGA (blood protein – the bad guys) spike? It started out at 2306 and looked better last Wednesday. Well the latest number is all the way down to 706! The goal is 378 and no abnormal cells. That is good news!
Because my numbers were so good, doctor reduced the amount of chemo I would take this round. She also eliminated the Demerol from my iv drip. The bad news about that is I don’t get that “all is right with the world” feeling. The good news is that I really do feel what the chemo is doing to my body. I felt kind of tingly and dizzy. It seemed like if I turned my head I would fall over. It’s good to know how things affect me.
We also met some nice people at treatment today. One lady came from Missouri to visit her aunt. She had an awesome quilt top she had made. She hadn’t had time to layer and hand quilt it, but she wanted to show her aunt. I have the photo on my cell phone. I have to figure out how to get it to my computer.
At home, I thought I would nap. My body wanted to lie still (very still) but my brain didn’t want to sleep. I listened to the flute ensemble cd (given to me by the Ewerts and featuring Dotty on harp), very relaxing – still no sleep. Patti came by with our teacher book club selection: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. Very different, interesting book. I'm not done with it, but I recommend it.
Now I am oficially rambling, so I'm done.