Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photos for Philling You In

I realised recently that due to the complex nature of getting photos from a camera, onto the computer, and then onto a blog, My Oh My multiple Myeloma is relatively devoid of pictures! I've been taking them, but they haven't all made it up. Here is my first attempt to amend that. More to come.
This is the "guest book" Dotty made. It is now filling with signatures and notes. What a clever idea! Don't forget to sign it when you visit!This was on the second "second day." Mom was doing a good job staying in bed and resting! It helped that visitors came to her! Cindy stopped by to show us the pain chip for the door to her Periwinkle Cottage and we noticed that her shirt was periwinkle too! Then we saw my moms hat and added it to the ensemble. We couldn't let her get away with out a picture. We were having too much fun!This was mom's first visit to Lakeview. We joked that she was holding court. She stayed in the cabin to avoid allergens and such, but that didn't stop all the social endorphins. Everyone came to her! I had to take this picture because she was looking so "red and navy blue." The Pinedale spirit never goes away! Here we are eating dinner at the cottages!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan and Jessica: Thanks so much for filling us all in. I love your pix on the blog. Saw Don Wed. at Retired Teachers mtg---no cane! Love to you all---Aunt Audrie

The Luedtke Family said...

This almost looks like color therapy!