Monday, August 17, 2009

Only half Frankenstein

Here we are in San Francisco. Last night we took public transportation from breakers to bay. We were proud of ourselves for figuring it out. This morning I gave blood for blood tests. The good news is that I have a lot of white blood cells. I find out at 4:00 if those white blood cells are stem cells.
Next, we went across the street to the hospital for my catheter in my neck. The doctor used a local anesthetic, so I could hear and feel tugging and squeeking as the tubes were inserted into my veins. Others who have gone through this before me had two catheters, one on each side, thus the Frankenstein look. I just have one opening on my right side that branches off to two different "hoses." The scarf advice was good as the bandaging covers a large area. If that wasn't bad enough,the doctor slapped a flourescent label on it!

We decided to check out the amenities of the hospital since George and I will soon be spending three weeks here. The cafeteria serves a wide variety of pretty good food. Then we checked out 11Long (my floor for the transplant). We found the family lounge. It has games, puzzles, books, vhs movies & tv, and computers. I am working on one of the computers right now- very convenient.
Our hotel, The Carl, is close and economical. Our room, however, is quite small. George and I can't both be moving around at the same time or we will collide. We are finding other places we can "hang out" so we don't go crazy in the cramped room. We are pretty much exploring. I brought books and hand sewing (Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt), George brought books and is studying Spanish. We're content anywhere there is coffee and tea and quiet. When we're done for the day, it's back to The Carl. We're on the third floor, facing the street. The three car electric train goes by at regular intervals and has a stop right in front of our room - noisy. I'm glad I brought my ear plugs.
We are on an adventure. It's new. We're learning a lot. The people are very friendly. Sounds like a vacation - Wish you were here! It probably feels like that because so many people are sending in their prayers. Keep it up! I love you!


The Luedtke Family said...

Soak up all those sights, noises, and annoyances as you freely move about the city! Three weeks is a long time where you won't be warmed by the sunshine or feel the breeze on your skin or hear noises from the bustling street or be cramped in a room together!

John said...

The scarf is attractive! San Francisco is my hometown. Enjoy the adventure and best wishes for treatment.

Neola said...

Praying for you! Scarf looks nice!

Little Spouse in the Old House said...

I liked the flourescent orange label. Maybe the doctor has a label in every color? What do you think Jess? Do like your blue outfit. Love and prayers, Janice

Anonymous said...

Hello to the brave adventurers! I guess if you have to be in a hospital there are worse places than San Francisco. I think Jamie has done some consulting work for UCSF, but right now he's commuting to the hospital in Fremont.

Just had my Dad and Betty here for supper and we wondered about how you and your Dad were doing. I should have checked your blog while they were here!

Rebekah had wind and rain from Tropical Storm Ana, and is preparing for Hurricane Bill, which will pass just north of St. Croix on Thursday as a Category 3. They live in a sturdily built, new concrete house that is inland, but will probably lose power and cell service. A whole different type of adventure.

Wishing you every comfort and joy. Love, Jill

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, it's Laurel! I'm glad everything is going well! You look great and the scarf was a great suggestion. I'm thinking of you often and missing your expertise as we start the school year. Keep up the hard work!