Monday, August 24, 2009

Change Happens

We heard from Bridget, the stem cell transplant coordinator nurse, that she would try to get me into UCSF Hospital on Sunday, August 30. I am a little anxious that I stay healthy until then. The area of my neck where the catheter for stem cell harvesting was inserted is now painful. It hurts when I swallow or turn my neck. I hope it is normal bruising, and not signs of infection or bleeding. The other thing driving me crazy is the neuropathy in my legs. I have to remind myself to increase my pain meds. So please pray regarding these three specific things: stay healthy until I get admitted, neck pain, and neuropathy.

There has been a change in the teaching plan for my room of fifth graders. The district’s financial decisions required that we drop a third grade class. That teacher, Patti Moore, will be teaching in Room 14 all year. I thought Stephanie was going to be a great long term sub, however, having Miss. Moore as the consistent fifth grade teacher all year is even better. When I return in January, I will be a push-in teacher (helping in several classes), which gives me a great deal of flexibility. One thing that never changes is change itself!


Neola said...

We will pray for you to stay healthy, the neck pain and the neuropathy in your legs. We are thankful for the good stem cell harvest and that you were able to do that in one draw! Praise God!
Thank you for the updates and sharing your life with all us. You are a blessing and an amazing role model. God Bless You!!

Anonymous said...

My family is happy that you are feeling better but are you going to go back to pinedale school to teach