Wednesday, August 19, 2009

George and I drove home from San Francisco today (Wednesday). Now that we're home I can tell that we are "decompressing" from a big event. Even though everything turned out really well at UCSF, it was still stressful. I'm sure we'll be back to our normal selves tomorrow.

Tuesday started early for us. We walked to UCSF from our hotel at 7AM. Instructions for my dialysis said to eat a hearty breakfast, so that's what I got at one of the many hospital food venues. We reported to the busy dialysis room, I got hooked up, and there I laid, not moving, for 4-1/2 hours! (For more details and photos, check out George's bolg. The link is in my side bar.) When that was over, the catheter in my neck was bandaged again, complete with bright orange label!

We walked across the street to meet with Bridget, the scheduling nurse. We talked about our return trip the end of August. Because I am such a "healthy" myeloma patient, I have low priority for getting scheduled into the hospital. Bridget wanted several options for admit days so that she would have flexibility in getting me in. Bridget had other really good news. My first draw of blood contained more than enough stem cells for two transplants (they collect for another transplant years from now). That means I only had one day of dialysis. It wasn't a bad experience, but I wouldn't want to repeat it if I don't have to! It also meant that my catheter was removed, along with the bright orange label.

George and I celebrated the good day by dining at a nice Italian restaurant. We talked and "reviewed" all the good results and experiences we've had. Again we gave credit to our huge prayer base. With so many people supporting me I feel buoyed up. That positive feeling shows, and I thank my friends and family for giving me that feeling.


Tracy said...

Thanks to you and George for posting so many pictures! It makes us feel like we are right next to you cheering you on. "Rah, rah Susan! You can do it!" :)

Little Spouse in the Old House said...

What a wonderful report! Now relax! Janice

Anonymous said...

Here's some of the "family" with a shout - Great news, Sue! So glad it went well & you're "bloody 'healthy'".

I love the Frankensteen picture.

love, Bruce

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan: Thought it was time to check and see how you are doing and it looks like things are doing very well for you. Know you are happy to be home. Prayers and good thoughts will still be coming your way as you fight this battle. Keep up your positive thoughts.
Love, Aunt Polly