Friday, August 14, 2009

In-between Week

This week is the week between the big meeting in San Francisco and stem cell collection. It’s been very busy because there is a lot I want to do before we go to UCSF. I visited my classroom at school. I was pleased to see that some anonymous friends at Pinedale had papered the bulletin boards in my room. That was a generous gift as papering is a tedious job. I thank those mystery friends. I’ve also met with the teacher, Mrs. Benight, who will have my class the first semester of the school year. We’ve met a couple of times to go over curriculum and class/school procedures. Perhaps the bigger job right now, is getting the room set up. At the end of the year everything had to be boxed up to be moved out of my room. Everything was moved out for asbestos removal and installation of new carpet. The furniture and boxes have returned to the middle of the room! Teacher friends have helped Mrs. Benight figure out where some things go. I worked with her on some of the boxes and what goes where in the shelves. When I called her this afternoon, she sounded quite cheery, so the job hasn’t overwhelmed her yet! It looks like my class will be in good hands.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with two women who have had stem cell transplants at UCSF. Doctors and nurses can describe the procedure, but it’s not like talking to someone who has actually done it. The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society gave my phone number to a woman who was very encouraging. We spoke for quite a while and she was very pleased with the outcome of her transplant. Karen brought a friend to my house to meet me. This friend had a stem cell transplant at 11Long, UCSF. She brought her photo album (plug for Creative Memories) which chronicled her stay. It was neat to see pictures of where I’ll be staying. This woman, too, is enjoying a full life after the transplant.

Again this week, friends have pitched in to drive me places. You would not want me on the road right now. I had a very pleasant Wednesday morning when Jenny came over to remove the brown flowers from my zinnias and roses. I am so thankful for everyone’s support. It’s hard to be on the needy side of things, but I am meeting and getting to know better so many fabulous people. You are a blessing to me and part of God’s plan for me. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. I'm glad you have a better understanding of what the stem cell transplant will entail. It's reassuring to speak with someone personally about their own story. My week has been rather crazy too. Monday was giving more than the usual tubes of blood, Tuesday was the 24-hour urine (made sure to tell my mom the orange container in the fridge did not contain orange juice), Wednesday was a freebie, Thursday was bone marrow biopsy for which they gave me lots of Demerol and some other drug which created a lapse in memory of the entire procedure, and then today were the PFTs, echo, EKG, and osseous bone survey (all in one day thank goodness).

Anyway, please let me know how the harvesting goes. If you need any help with your classroom or if there is anything else I can do for you please let me know. I enjoyed our support group. We stayed until 11:30. The girls are all so sweet. I am going to San Diego on Tuesday to pick up my children, so I won't be able to attend. Austin (my 13-year-old)called tonight and has a fever and sores on his throat. If he's still sick Tuesday, I'll have to postpone the trip until Wednesday or Thursday, so there is still that possibility that I might be able to make it. We'll have to see what happens with him next week. I cannot afford to get sick, especially with the stem cell transplant right around the corner.

I have heard from so many people who have heard from someone or another that stem cell transplants are very successful. Sounds good to me. We are going to beat this thing, Susan. You are so positive and love life, and I think you'll be around a lot longer. We'll beat that 6 year median and make some new records for longevity. We're gonna have to celebrate when all this is over!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you start this process next week.
Your cancer twin, Peggie