Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy Wednesday

Whose idea was it to schedule an 8:00 am doctor appointment? It was hard to get going this morning! I apologize to all you responsible, early people. I'm out of practice with being early. Doctor Garley says my blood test numbers are a little low, but not anything to worry about. I'm doing fine and producing all my own cells. She says I need to worry about germs for another couple of months. I have another doctor appointment Friday in San Francisco. I'll know more about my health status after I see Doctor Wolf.

Since I got such an early start this morning, and I was feeling pretty good, I went to quilting at church. I stitched one 15 inch line. My stitches looked ok, especially since I have numb fingertips due to neuropathy. I didn't want to over-do, and I figure I can do two lines next week. I drove back home and helped Jessie carve pumpkins. We have three pumpkins and put a different quilt square on each one.

Now that I'm done with that awful cold I'm feeling better. Neuropathy is still giving me grief. I increased the medication yesterday, so today I have less pain, but more numbness. I pray that I have temporary neuropathy and that it will go away in the next two months. Thank you, friends, for keeping me in your prayers. I know they're heard.


The Luedtke Family said...

I, too, had an early start to my day. My two little darlings started at 6:00 a.m. this morning. We also decorated little, mini pumpkins. We have mini-potato heads and we turned our pumpkins into "pumpkin heads"! So fun, look for a post soon!