Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Not about my condition! Good: moved to a private room-more space, more quiet. Bad: My cell phone doesn't get a good signal. So call my room number: 415-514-5320. Feel free to call - It makes my moment!
I've done the significant part of my job here. I had the super chemo, then a day of rest, then my harvested stem cells were defrosted and put into me. Now I have about two weeks to get over my nausea and gain some immunity. Hopefully I'll be germ free and, not have many side effects. My blood clot seems to be taking care of itself. The swelling is gone.
For more colorful information, I hope you're checking out George's blog. Thanks to anonymous who wrote the great poem as a comment to the last post. I like it, expecially the personalization. I wish I knew who you are!


Little Spouse in the Old House said...

Loved that poem! That will something to cherish forever! Love, Janice

Tracy said...

Hope the nausea says "adios" real soon! The cheese grater light is so cool! Maybe you could start a movement with cheese graters. Use it in your support group at NFC! Maybe we should hang cheese graters all over that classroom! Hey, you could name the support group, "The Cheese Graters!" Ha ha, oh it's getting late...